Click Information System is a well-established independent book publishing company which has been publishing books in this year 2016. We have an eclectic offering, publishing around 100 new titles a year under both traditional and partnership-funded models. We pride ourselves on offering an effective and efficient service to our authors, both established and new.

Many authors are disappointed when they offer their work after many years of creating to a publisher who refuses or shows no sign of reaction. Unfortunately, this is very often the case. We believe that every author with a good manuscript is supposed to have a fair chance to present his work to a wide audience around the world. It is our purpose to provide this opportunity.

CIS publishing is the specialist for new authors. We are pleased with every manuscript submission. In order to handle your submission quickly and smoothly, please note the following tips.

1. Attachments

. complete manuscript
. name and address
. phone number
. e-mail
. illustrations (if desired)
. synopsis (ideally)

2. Synopsis

Ideally, you should also send a one-page synopsis – a short abstract of the entire manuscript. It should give the editor a brief overview of the plot of your work, it should also give a summary of the main characters and it should represent the basic conflicts or the structure of the topics. It does not consist of any dialogues or details.

3. Font and layout

The font and the layout are not so important for the mere submission. The manuscript doesn’t need to be error-free at that time. Only after a positive appraisal and after signing the publishing contract, your text will be edited and optimised by our proof readers and editors.

4. Submission

By e-mail: in a WORD or PDF file to pub@clickinformatiosystem.com (The manuscript text should be in ONE file only!)

Title Set-up

The application of an ISBN to your book, and management of the associated bibliographic data. Curation of metadata to make the book as visible as possible to buyers.


Manuscript editing on screen carried out in MS Word using ‘track changes’, checking grammar, spelling and punctuation, consistency and repetition and, if necessary, the editor will suggest changes to structure, characterisation and narrative .


All functions necessary to produce a high quality bookshop-ready title. This includes text design and layout, typesetting, commissioning illustrations (if appropriate) and cover design. This is everything required to turn your manuscript into commercial-standard files that are ready to print your book.

E-book Conversion

If we feel that an ebook edition of your manuscript is also a commercial reality, we convert your book files into both ePub and Mobi ebook formats. The ebook is then distributed to retailers worldwide through our extensive distribution network, which includes not only Amazon, but Apple, Kobo, Srib’d, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, Gardners and Google Play, among others.


We set very high standards for our printing, and usually our books include some sort of special cover effect to make them stand out to retailers and readers alike (eg. spot UV, foil, embossing). We warehouse books to ensure retail distribution, with copies initially sent to you for your immediate use. Trade Marketing and Sales Representation We carry out marketing activities well in advance of publication to all retailers using industry-standard communication channels to ensure retailers are able to pre-order your book. In the weeks leading up to publication, our team of regional sales representatives will actively hand-sell your book to retailers, both local and national.

A Focused Publicity Campaign

Each of our titles has a tailored publicity campaign centred around those aspects of the book that will attract the most media coverage. Our team coordinates a focused media campaign that may involve serialisation, feature articles, reviews, author profiles, blogs, social media and signings. Several months prior to the publication date, you will be invited to meet with the team to go through the proposed campaign in detail.

Author Promotion

• Create, host and maintain an author website
• establish social media accounts if you don’t already have them
• supply a range of marketing materials for your own use
• include each title in our bi-annual New Titles catalogue
• represent all our authors at the Local Book Fair

Author Royalties

Authors receive anything from 10% up to 90% of the net receipts from book and eBook sales, depending on whether they have made any initial financial contribution to the publishing project. We pay author royalties every six months in January and July.

Who owns all of the intellectual property?

You do 100%. This is your book and your project. We implement everything for you, we print the book, set it up on Amazon, set your landing pages, your email, cover, whatever it takes but this is all yours.

Do I really get 100% royalties?

You do 100%. As stated above, this is your project. We set Amazon, PayPal and any other third parties in your name. All the money will be yours.

How long does the project take to finish?

Well the ball is in your court. It really does depend on what you have to start with. From our side, if you provide us with the internals, we will produce a bespoke cover design within 5 working days, once we have the approval from you from the cover we then start to design the marketing strategy and website from their. It varies from 30-45 days.

Do I have to see a proof copy or can I send my files for you to print straight away?

We are happy to skip the proofing process for urgent orders, but cannot be held responsible for any errors that may arise due to the files being set out incorrectly. So, we produce a printed proof copy of your book before we go ahead with anything else.

When do I pay for my order?

We ask for 100% payment before we start to work on your order. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our aim is to produce your book to your requirement if that means producing 5 proof copies we will do.

How long will it take to receive my printed order?

Current leadtime for **Express Delivery 1-3 working days from proof approval. (Except Hardbacks) **please note this is a premium priced product. Current leadtime for Paperbacks Standard 7-10 working days from proof approval. Current leadtime for Hardbacks Standard 10-15 working days from proof approval.

How is my order delivered?

We use INTERLINK for almost all deliveries. You will need to be at the delivery address to sign for your books when they arrive. You will receive an email confirmation to let you know when your proof/main delivery will be.