We are a global business solution provider

CIS has exhaustive capabilities along with world-class process and technology to manage and process exceedingly high volume of data with varying levels of complexity. Our experience and expertise in the field of data entry has earned us the reputation of a reliable and excellent provider of online and offline data entry services.

Over the decades we have served diverse industry verticals and carved our own niche as a reliable offshore data entry company. With Our expertise at your disposal, you can expect accurate results within a quick turnaround time.

The comprehensive suite of our data entry management services

Online Data Entry

CIS is one of the most experienced data entry service company in India. Superior security, storage convenience, easy access and low cost make online data entry an attractive option for today’s business looking to improve data management. Data organisation is crucial for operation, performance and productivity and online data storage has emerged as the most convenient and cost effective way to manage them.

Offline Data Entry

Click Information system is provides a comprehensive array of services. With over a decade of experience with small business owners and all. CIS is timely and cost-effective access to specialised data entry help. Contact CIS, a global leader in the outsourcing industry, to perform your online and offline data entry without you needing to hire a new employee.